Shoot for Score

 Shoot for Score

Shoot for Scores for ALL classes will be on designated day at Archers Paradise. Shoot for score dates are on the schedule, but if you have any questions please speak with an instructor

It is possible to earn more than one badge at the Shoot for Score!  Rules only say that each badge must be earned by shooting 30 arrows. If anyone is going to do this be sure to bring at least six arrows to the Shoot for Score! (One or more extra would also be prudent!) Be sure to let instructor know before you start to shoot! You will need two score cards.

               Some have questioned what they should expect at “shoot for score”. Essentially shoot for score is a test of accomplishment held at the end of each lesson session. It is done in the FITA indoor competition format but it is not a competition. Each archer is judged only against his/her personal achievement, i.e. if you better your last score enough to reach the next level an achievement pin will be awarded. See  achievement pins page for “pin” requirements. At the archer’s first “shoot for score” green & purple pins may be awarded if the 30 arrow score warrants the higher goal. After that only one pin may be awarded per 30 arrows shot. It is allowable to double register & shoot 60 arrows per event.

Parents, especially of first timers: Please discuss with your archers this is not a competition against any other archer. Each archer on the line may be shooting for very different goals. Archers should only be concerned with doing their best; shooters appearing to be doing much better may not be meeting their personal goals. There are plateaus that cause some archers great difficulty. Some higher scores take 2-3 years to achieve. The awards program is designed to ease archers into the rigors of the sport.

At the event each archer must register. This is simply filling out a form with archer’s name, goal attempting, target size, & shooting distance. Although there’s a lot going on when setting up the hall, someone will be able to help with the form. After registration, assemble your equipment as practice may be under way already. If you ask or just look confused someone will help you.

Parents are encouraged to participate as a scorer. You will not be required to score your own child but it is not prohibited. It’s a great way to better understand what’s going on & meet some of the other participants. Scoring is simple, is double checked, and instruction/assistance is readily available.

Archery definitions used at shoot for score:

End: group of 3 arrows shot by one archer

Line: group of shooters that will shoot together

Round: group of lines completing one end per archer

After registration there will be at least two rounds of practice. Each archer will get time to shoot one end of 3 arrows per round. Bring any equipment problems/sight adjustments/etc to a coach’s attention at this time. Practice shooters may shoot from any available lane under the control of the line coach. Ask for help if needed.

During practice Steve will be sorting line & target assignments. Each archer is assigned a line letter (A….G depending on the number of archers attending) which designates the group that will be shooting at the same time and a specific lane/target. During the shoot when the line is “called” each archer in that group goes to his/her lane & has two minutes to shoot 3 arrows at his/her specific target. Two minutes is a lot of time for most archers so there is no pressure to hurry.

After practice is finished, a coach will assemble the archers and announce line & target assignments, safety considerations, etc. Parents are encouraged to pay attention here. The timer/buzzer system that tracks shooting time will also be explained (advanced shoot only). Because this is not a competition latitude is given to shooters that arrive late ‘to the line” but this is also practice for competitions where latitude may not be given & late archers forfeit that end.

When shooting begins each line will be called & the archers come to the line and shoot 3 arrows. There are 10 rounds of 3 arrows. At the end of each round arrows are retrieved and scoring is done

At competitions your arrows must be marked with your name & shall all have the same fletching. At shoot for score it’s still a good idea as many targets have multiple shooters so arrow identification speeds scoring. 4 arrows are recommended in case something breaks.

If you have any other questions ask by email, ask a coach, or at the shoot.

Mike Connors

Level 2 coach

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