Archery Lessons

Beginner Classes 101

Beginner archers are those individuals who have little or no archery experience or training in USA Archery’s National Training System.

These students will be shooting at a max. distance of 10 yds. Their first four badges can be earned at this 10 yd. distance.

These classes will focus on learning the basic steps and forms necessary to having a safe, fun archery learning experience.
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Advanced Classes 201

Advanced archers are those individuals who have some understanding of the National Archery Training System. These archers should be shooting at the 20yd. distance for badges.

These classes will focus on improving the basic skills learned in the Beginner classes as well as identifying individual problems and correcting them.
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Advance Target Training (Competition Shooting):

This class is focused on competition target shooting. Archers will learn and practice as if they were shooting in a competition.


*Note: As of January 1, 2014, all JOAD students to earn badges and be insured must be a member of USA Archery! (Click Here to see pdf file of membership levels. Click Here to access membership registration page on

– Please bring proof of USA membership to first class.

Private Lessons also available.

Email Danny Zecker or Steve Jordan or call Archer’s Paradise (603) 474-3575 for details.

6 thoughts on “Archery Lessons

  1. Hi Big Al’s,

    My daughter wants to take archery lessons. I talked to someone in your store this fall, and your program sounds perfect. Is it possible to purchase a gift certificate for beginner lessons to give my daughter for Christmas? Thanks, Patty Barbera.

  2. I am trying to download schedule for JOAD shoots. Says I need Microsoft Office to do it?? Don’t want to buy Office. Any other way of downloading schedule?

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