Big Al’s JOAD Archery Club

Welcome to the web page of  Big Al’s Archery’s ‘JOAD’ (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program. JOAD is a nationally recognized program under the USA Archery Association. All JOAD instructors are USA Archery certified and insured. The JOAD program helps a person develop the skills to become a better archer for the sport of target archery. The step by step achievements levels allow the archer to be recognized for his/her progress and compete with archers in the same age group if desired.

Big Al’s JOAD does it indoor program in Salisbury and runs it outdoor program still in New Hampshire. The club is a Seacoast club covering southern Maine, the coast of New Hampshire to the I93 corridor, and northern coast of Mass to Boston

The Club meets weekly for each eight week session ending with a “JOAD Shoot for Score” where achievement certificates and badges can be earned. Classes meet Monday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings and Saturday mornings. Membership in the club includes free use of the indoor practice range at Archer’s Paradise Archery Shop in Salisbury, MA anytime the shop is open and includes expert advice from the knowledgeable staff.

* It is our pleasure to announce that Big Al’s Archer’s Paradise with their Junior Olympic Archery Development program in conjunction with the Boston Plumbers Union are offering 4 scholarships for people who would like to try archery, but are unable to afford the program due to limited funds. Click Here for more details and the application*

*Note: As of January 1, 2014, all JOAD students to earn badges and be insured must be a member of USA Archery! (Click Here to see pdf file of membership levels. Click Here to access membership registration page on

– Please bring proof of USA membership to first class.

14 thoughts on “Big Al’s JOAD Archery Club

  1. Hi All,

    I wanted to take lessons and wanted to know if you rent your bows or does it come with the training. It would have to be Sunday and are kids allowed to attend training?


    • Hi Liz,

      The use of all needed equipment is included in the lessons. The lessons also include use of the range and equipment whenever the shop is open. Yes, kids are allowed to attend anytime, there is adequate seating space for observers and shooters.

    • This program has been running at this location for about close to 12 years now. Currently we are in the middle of a session (refer to schedule section), But you can still join and just pay for as many lessons as there are left and have the same use of the range and equipment.

  2. Hi, my daughter has been there to practice but she is looking to take a class to learn a lot more about it and to get better skilled. Do you have classes for kids age 11?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Shelia,

      Any of our classes are available to anyone over the age of 6. We start a new set of lessons after the 17th of this month so you are welcome to go to whatever class works with your schedule.

  3. had a wonderful experience this past sunday. went in to buy a verifier but you were out. John turned a disappointing situation to a great one .he let me try a bow and in so doing he was able to pick out a flaw in my shooting. I applied this when I got home and is making a difference. you made such an impression I would love to get my next bow from you. how can we overcome the sales tax that ma would have to make your pricing competitive with buying in nh. thanks bill gallo or 603-660-7722

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