2018-2019 JOAD Fees

  1. 2018-2019 JOAD Fees

JOAD 8 weeks of lessons (7 weeks of lessons + 1 Shoot for score) This includes free use of the Archers Paradise range during membership in JOAD classes: $120*

JOAD 6 weeks of lessons $83 ($10 equip.fee and $10 first time admin. Fee also may apply)

JOAD 4 weeks of lessons (no shoot for score and this includes use of JOAD equipment) $65*

First time admin. fee (not included in lesson fee) $10

Use of JOAD equipment  $10

JOAD daily rate   $20/day*

Club membership only:   $50/year*

             – does not include free use of the range

             -Includes JOAD Shoot for Scores

            -Includes participation in JOAD sanctioned events

Ask at Archer’s Paradise about special priced JOAD equipment packages!

*Note: As of January 1, 2014, all JOAD students to earn badges and be insured must be a member of USA Archery! (Click Here to see pdf file of membership levels. Click Here to access membership registration page on USAArchery.org)

– Please bring proof of USA membership to first class.

4 thoughts on “2018-2019 JOAD Fees

  1. Good Afternoon,
    How do a I sign up my daughter for the next session of classes? Presently we are looking at the 4/6 start date. Is this still available?
    Thank you

    • The easiest way to sign up is to show up on the date of the class. There are a few forms right on the site under “registration forms” that you can print and fill out to bring with you that day.

  2. I’m not understanding the fees above – if I sign my son up for the 8 week program @ $120 and pay the $10 admin fee and the $35 JOAD membership – where does the $20/day come into play? is that additional for each of the 8 days he shows up?

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